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    Thanks Andy, Shreya, Melissa and Jessica!

    Simply beautiful...makes me look forward to the next snowfall! :)

    I'm glad you found time to post your Friday moment :) ooo, I saw my name somewhere there LOL.

    You are truly an amazing person! I used to look at the snow and just feel the 'cold'... but looking at this image more carefully, I got to see it in another level :D YEY!

    It beckons me to look at it again and again and find out what is hidden there :)

    Loved it Tameka bella :*

    Beautiful click, Tameka :)


    WoW! Brrr...it's cold & I don't care for snow, but it sure looks beautiful when it looks like this. Fantastic photo!
    Great first Moment Tameka!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:

    Thanks Sulekha!

    An amazing tree of icicles, love it Tameka. great moment.

    Thanks Corinne! My day was more palatable after seeing this outside of the window for sure!

    This is beautiful, Tameka...No wonder it inspired you so much! ♥

    Beautiful Sancheeta! That is exactly what I was feeling in this moment!

    it seems as if the snow has called for a winter game. just freeze and wait, rest all your emotions in the veil of her white cold hug for a new dawn to rise.

    Thanks LEAH! This pic was from Jan of this year. It was not a good day for me at all, but when I looked out the window I saw nothing but beauty looking back at me. Like it was saying, no worries, it's going to be alright!

    Hey DEBBIE! Yes! It's coming!

    Thanks RIMLY!

    Thank you kindly JANAKI!

    Wow, MARI! Coming from you that is a major compliment! I guess I can continue on with my picture taking! Thanks!

    Thanks ANNA!

    Thank You MARY! Snow is so beautiful when it first falls. I captured this within the hour of it framing the tree.

    Thanks MANI! I appreciate your comments!


    Thanks ALEJANDRO!

    Thank you so much DAWN! Sometimes when you live in a cold climate, you can begin to bemoan snow days, but hearing how some of you miss them, is making me thankful for each flake! Thanks dear friend!

    Oh my, what a thing of beauty! Living in East Tennessee, we rarely get snow these days. I miss it and also miss being able to get out and walk in the country with my camera during and after a new snowfall. I've always found a very deep sense of peace being outside in the snow. Your photo is beautiful enough to enlarge, print and frame, honey!



    very nice and cold..


    looks cold brrr


    V beautiful shot Tam!


    I wish I had that right outside my window :) I miss having the snowy weather with trees outlined in ice. Great moment!


    One of the best photos I've seen lately. Love the soft, foggy look, trees in the foreground framing the buildings. Snowy day beauty. I find inspiration in this - glad you do too.



    Beautiful!! I want Snow!!

    This photo is gorgeous! Trees all fully with snow have a way of softening the the city giving it a Rockwellian vibe. So beautiful Tameka;)

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