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    Hey Sweepy! LOL! I love your candor and honesty. I think a lot of us are so used to being attacked that it's second nature to want to protect ourselves. I am laughing at your response though. Ha!

    Yes, I am praying for change because we can't be in attack mode all of the time or there will be more senseless deaths occurring.

    I think it's funny how sensitive DL Hugely is, that he would even bother to be offended by your joke when his jokes are infinitely more harmful (unlike you, I really don't like him!). Lol! But I really enjoyed this post on the controversial issues that may end up being turning points for the nation. At least I hope that strong feelings people are expressing will turning to real change.

    Thanks so much Debra. I agree that we all need healing as our country is going through so much economically and socially. I will definitely drop by your space and check out what's going on with your healing project. Blessings!

    Tameka, thank you so much for expressing your thoughts and feelings on this, as this case, and the Detroit bankruptcy, have been so spotlighted in the news of late.
    I agree with Martha’s remarks about the divisiveness, and how our nation needs to find healing. It just makes me cry to see what’s happening now.

    I think you’re onto something here. Something that may be perfect for inclusion in the healing project. If you agree, swing by and drop your link in the comments. Love, D


    Thanks Dawn. We all share in the responsibility of keeping our cities and society up. We all need to do better and be better because tomorrow isn't promised for a city or a life. I will visit your blog soon!


    I have seen photos of the beautiful architecture of Detroit as it has deteriorated over the years. It's so sad, watching all that beauty age before its time into an ancient creature. I haven't followed the news on the bankruptcy issue other than to know it happened. I know for anyone who calls Detroit home, it has to be a harsh cut to the soul. I would feel the same if this happened to Knoxville. My current blog rants in a comical fashion about driving through downtown Knoxville, but I adore where I live and truly am pained to hear of another city falling down to her knees. Many Tennesseans transplanted to Detroit during the automotive booming years, so there's a bit of a kissing cousins kind of connection. I hope your hometown pulls out of this current slump!

    - Dawn

    Thanks For_the_Masses. I have found that cases like this do reveal the inner truths of our souls. It is very disheartening to see the masks come off of others, but we must too acknowledge and recognize our own biases when they appear.

    I'm not touching your opinion about DL, because I wanted this piece to provoke love and understanding, but I do realize that sunshine and rainbows sometimes have to coexist with thunderstorms and rain showers.

    Thanks as always for your candid and honest way of being!

    I love this piece, it was right on the money. This case in general has changed a lot of people and has exposed the under cover racist (that I cheerfully deleted of my FB page). It's nice to see DL acknowledge the misunderstanding and apologize.

    I just wish DL would apologize to me for being the non-funny one on Kings of Comedy - ouch, just kidding. Well not really...

    I look forward to reading your piece! :-)

    Thanks Martha. Writing this piece was not easy, but I had been sitting with this for awhile. I will continue to pray for our world. We need healing, constructive conversation and most importantly, each other. God expects better of us.

    Tameka, as always, you've expressed yourself beautifully here. These are tough subjects to tackle, but you have done so with taste, thoughtfulness, and heart.
    The divisiveness in our nation right now so troubles me, shakes me right to the core. Because, as we both know, a house divided against itself cannot stand. In my Tuesday post, I'm not addressing the Martin/Zimmerman matter per se, but know that the fallout from this trial made me think about the importance of Christians being one in Christ and not letting differences of opinion make us forget to love our neighbor as God wants us to do.
    Blessings and love!

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