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    Thanks AD! The only thing that worries me about Lupita is that some people are reducing her to someone who wears clothes beautifully and we know there is more to her story. I also don't like when we idealize people and when they do something that we don't agree with we take pleasure in chopping them down to size.

    As people of color there usually isn't any leeway for us to make mistakes, so...

    I've been seeing men wear skirts like the one Omar wore on the runway all the time. Everything doesn't have to be related to sexuality and I hope we become more observant and appreciative of differences as a society. No one likes being discriminated against for any reason and people like Lord Jamar should reflect on this!

    Excellent post, Tameka, with some really astute commentary. No change comes without struggle, but I'm really heartened to see these positive signs. It's nice that a woman with very dark skin is seen by the masses as beautiful, though I agree that her beauty should not be the only criteria for her worth. Also, kudos to Omar Epps. Women have been wearing pants for years and I think his skirt is fashion forward. When it catches on, Lord Jamar and Marlon Wayans will be wearing them, too!! Write on, girl! <3

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